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"It's a Whole New World After My Smile Makeover - I Love to Smile."

When I was a kid I was really sick. At that point, I was taking a lot of different antibiotics and it really killed my enamel. I went to college, I ended up taking a position at a dental office. During that time period, I had the opportunity to get my teeth done.

I just remember, getting out of that chair and looking in the mirror and feeling like a brand new person. It's a whole other world. I love to smile.

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Dr. Vanstrom:

Victoria came to our practice, in a very interesting way. She had been working with a very good dentist in Florida, and literally working with him because I think she was employed by him as well. They were doing a Smile Makeover, and I think she went through some heartache where she was about to move to Atlanta. They were trying to put the case in and it didn’t fit properly, something was wrong with sizing and she didn’t like the try-in.


So my dentist in Orlando, actually, let me know that there was a dentist here in Atlanta, who really knew his stuff when it came to veneers, especially. He was not only an expert in the field but someone that could make me feel comfortable and at ease moving to a new place. So I came to see Dr. Vanstrom. I spoke with him and he definitely reassured me that he could handle my case. When it came to x-rays or even just looking at my mouth, it seemed like he really knew what he was talking about. I just remember, getting out of that chair and looking in the mirror and feeling like a brand new person. It’s a whole other world. I love to smile. I love to show off my teeth. I’m recommending Dr. Vanstrom to every person left, and right, even strangers. He has changed my life in so many ways, and whether it’s just being reassured that I have someone here if God forbid something happens. I am always reassured that if something breaks I can come directly to Dr. Vanstrom and get it fixed.

Dr. Vanstrom:

Got her smile restored and she is just a dynamite gal now with the biggest smile running around town.

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