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"I've Gotten Used to Smiling Again After Bridge-work and Crowns"

I was in the Marine Corps, spent 21 years, and retired. They weren’t worried so much about fixing your teeth. They just wanted you to get back out in service. So 9 times out of 10, if you had a toothache, they snatched it out. I lost most of my lower molars in the Marine Corps. Over the years, I kept losing teeth and losing enamel and that kind of thing. They just got brittle.

I came here as kind of a last stop. I asked him for a price, I was just, “what does it cost?” At that point, I was ready to go get dentures.

I’m very happy with the progress we’ve made. I’m very happy with the result and how it came out. I have got used to smiling again.

Dr. Vanstrom:

Don came to my office a little bit hostile, I have to say. He was frustrated I think and it was a hostility I recognized right away and it wasn’t personal. It was just hey, I’ve got to help you through this here Don. We sat in the waiting room and talked about a little bit because he didn’t want to come back. He’d been shopping on price a lot and he had also been told that he had to have all his teeth out. To have all of your teeth out, isn’t something to take lightly. So I talked to him about that.


So they did a panoramic scan of my entire mouth, and when they did that, you could see everything in there and you could see where there were problems, and where he could repair the areas.

Dr. Vanstrom:

In looking at him clinically and looking at the radiographs with the x-rays, it was very, very evident to me that this gentleman didn’t need all his teeth out. He just needed his teeth restored and maintained properly.


I came back in a week or two. I don’t remember exactly. But he had a mock-up of everything and he said, I can do this for you and he went over and showed me. This is how it’s going to… This is what we have now and this is where it will be when we get done with it.

Dr. Vanstrom:

We immediately put him into our hygiene program and taught him how to take better care of his teeth so that we were sure that he was going to be able to take care of the investment he was about to make. Then we restored all his teeth with beautiful, crown and bridge work all around the top, all around the bottom. We put an implant down on the bottom. Having been able to keep his teeth, I think that’s made a big impact on his life. I can’t help but beam when I see him smile and they’re his teeth smiling and he never used to smile when he first came in, he never would smile. Now he’s learned to smile.


It’s what I don’t worry about now. I can talk to somebody and not really worry about, are they looking at my teeth? You know how, when you buy a new car, you wake up the next morning you run outside in the yard and see if it’s really there and it wasn’t a dream. The same thing with the teeth, you have to get up in the morning and look at them and just say Wow. I’m very happy with the progress we’ve made. I’m very happy with the result and how it came out. I have got used to smiling again.

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