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Gummy Smile

When you smile do you feel that you show too much of your gums? Have people told you that you have a gummy smile? Do your smile teeth look too short or too small with too much of your gums showing? There are several options for a gummy smile correction.


For all your soft tissue concerns, we welcome you to seek treatment from our experienced dentist, Dr. Peter Vanstrom.

Possible Solutions to Rebalance Your Gums

One immediate way to try to fix a gummy smile is a teeth cleaning. You may have gingivitis or gum disease. A dental cleaning can help reduce the inflammation that might be causing you to have puffy, bleeding gums. Mouth breathing (link to Gingivitis in Teeth Cleaning) can also lead to this condition.

Another option might be Invisalign Invisible Braces. If you have crowded teeth, it may be difficult to keep your gums healthy. Your gums might be inflamed and puffy and show too much. Adult braces can be utilized to help straighten your crooked teeth creating proper alignment allowing your gums to heal and show less.

Achieve Gum Symmetry with Our Specialized Care

If your teeth cleaning did not reduce your gums enough and you still show too much gums when you smile, then laser gum therapy might work best for you. With our Zila diode laser we can safely and gently recreate a more pleasing gum smile line. Your teeth will be longer as we recontour the gums and you show less gums as you smile.

If you are someone who says “My gums show when I smile” then laser gum care to fix a gummy smile might be the answer for you.

Botox provides yet one more option for correcting your gummy smile line. Proper placement and dosages of Botox can relax the upper lip and allow it to release and better cover your gummy smile. A good teeth cleaning, followed by Botox® and teeth whitening and possible teeth reshaping can lead to a beautiful, New You smile that is far less of a gummy smile. As a final step in your smile makeover, dental veneers, Lumineers or Invisalign might help finalize your beautiful new smile.

Get the balanced, beautiful smile you deserve.

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