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"Thank You Dr. Vanstrom for Saving My Smile and Long-Term Oral Health"

Dr. Vanstrom:

Tre was a patient who came to me. She had some cosmetic work done and she had to have a couple of those veneers replaced.


In 2012, I was in Haiti, we were building schools after the earthquake. I bit on a sugar cane which I thought I bit on the side of my mouth. The three-piece crown that was the three major front teeth, it just broke. I could not believe it, and it was the most horrific.

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Dr. Vanstrom:

She came to me in hysteria and understandably so. I mean she was so proud of what she had and now she was afraid it would never be the same. And so, I assured her that, with the proper technology, and the proper approach, we could place a couple of implants in the proper position, we can get those gums to heal. She gave us the time and the patience. Took care of everything along the line that we asked her to take care of and we finally got to the final bridge that was cemented over the implants. I think she cried again because it was to her better than what she had, which is very rewarding.


I would like to thank Dr. Vanstrom, as well as the staff of Artistic Dentistry. Not only for preserving the aesthetics of my smile, but also for preserving my gums, and the bones, and the medical portion of a smile. Because that’s the long-term outlook.

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