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Teeth Cleaning

Do you have bleeding gums, stained teeth, bad breath, loose teeth, bone loss, or missing teeth?

Our goal at Artistic Dentistry is simple: We want to help you and your loved ones Keep Your Teeth, Your Gums and Your Smile Healthy and Beautiful For A Lifetime.

What Have You Got If You Don’t Have Your Dental Health





Teeth Cleaning

“Too much plaque? They won’t scrape at you. They have a titanium ultrasonic device to quickly and painlessly get all that gunk out in a split sec.”

– Kristi Cu

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Laser Gum Therapy

We are incredibly proud of our hygiene department, or teeth cleaning department. Your overall health is greatly enhanced with healthy, pink gums and cavity free teeth. Read more...

Mouth Cancer: A Deadly Threat

At Artistic Dentistry of Atlanta we take the threat of oral cancer very serious. We utilize the latest technology available today and we complete a very thorough comprehensive examination on all of our patients. Read more...

About Us

We Create Beautiful Smiles for a Lifetime

For more than twenty-four years, Dr. Peter Vanstrom and his kind, gentle staff at Artistic Dentistry of Atlanta have been on the cutting edge of dental care. Utilizing the most innovative and technologically advanced approaches available today, we create beautiful smiles for a lifetime. Read More

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