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Sedation Dentistry

Anxious patients are our specialty.

Anxious? Afraid? Scared? History of bad experiences? Do you have a dental emergency? Are you aware of dental problems and simply too scared to visit a dentist? Please believe us when we say our specialty is caring for you! Don’t just take our word for it. Click on and explore our patient testimonials to read and hear what other patients just like you have to say about our gentle, kind, caring and comfortable approach to dental care.

Dr. Vanstrom and his staff receive many new patient referrals because of our ability to handle anxious dental patients.  We pride ourselves in helping patients overcome their dental anxieties as we progress with their dental treatment.  Many patients “graduate” from sedation dentistry to routine dental visits after experiencing our gentle, calm and kind dental touch.

Dental anxieties are real.

Here at Artistic Dentistry of Atlanta we have over 125 years of combined dental experience in caring for anxious patients.  We offer every available method of sedation dental care.  We offer options ranging from Nitrous Oxide, or laughing gas, oral sedation (medication sedation), or full IV sedation provided by our licensed anesthesiologist.

Please view the video below and see and hear how we helped Joanie, like so many other patients, overcome her dental fears.

“I have had very professional, pain free visits, from a cleaning appointment to fillings, crowns and even through the process of a painless tooth extraction, an implant and follow through to the crown. All painless”

-Carol Wilson

Intravenous Sedation/IV Sedation

IV Sedation, or intravenous sedation, allows your doctor to customize the level of sedation for each patient’s specific needs. This method utilizes intravenous medications to achieve the exact level of sedation needed to provide comfort for the patient. If the dental procedure is a lengthy one, intravenous sedation is especially helpful, because medication can be added to maintain the patient’s comfort level. With the intravenous method most patients do not remember what happened during the procedure, and will have a comfortable overall experience. Throughout the procedure, your breathing, heart rate, and blood pressure will be monitored. Patients recover quickly but may feel slightly groggy afterwards. IV sedation is extremely safe when delivered by a training dentist or anesthesiologist.


  • Moderate to significant pain control/sedation
  • Moderate to significant control of gag reflexes
  • Not reversible, comfortable ride home
  • Easy to control the level of sedation, predictable comfort


  • Prior arrangements essential, empty stomach and transportation
  • Patient must be in good overall health
  • Moderate cost

Best for:

  • Patients who have a difficult time getting numb
  • Fearful patients
  • Long and extensive procedures
  • When comfort is important
  • When predictable sedation is essential for difficult procedures

Client Reviews

All Dental Anxieties are Real

All anxious patients require and deserve the gentle dental care that we provide at Artistic Dentistry of Atlanta. We have cared for dental patients just like you for over 25 years. We pride ourselves in caring for you while helping you overcome your dental fears and anxieties. We provide all levels of sedation dental care all under one roof. We offer gentle local anesthesia, nitrous oxide, oral sedation and IV sedation.

Patient Testimonial

“Dr. V’s office has amazing state of the art equipment and a very beautiful décor but none of that compares to the knowledge, confidence, personality, compassion, and humor that he and his staff have. I will never go to another dentist.”

-Tessa Messer

Nitrous Oxide Sedation

If you prefer, nitrous oxide can be administered via a mask placed over your nose. It’s a gas, popularly known as laughing gas, because it gives you a light feeling, free of worry. Nitrous oxide is begun when you are comfortably settled in your dental chair. It takes effect very quickly. It is administered continuously through the mask. When the doctor has finished your procedure and the mask is removed, the effects of the nitrous oxide will wear off in a few minutes. That means you can drive yourself home.


  • • Mild pain control/sedation
  • •Reversible
  • • Can drive yourself home


  • • Mild pain control and sedation, may not be enough
  • • Reversible, no residual sedation for post op pain control

Best For:

  • • Mildly fearful patients
  • • To pass the time of treatment
  • • Short easy procedures
  • • When a ride home is not available and cost is a factor

Oral Sedation

It truly makes dentistry a breeze. You can sleep right through your dental treatments. It is extremely safe. The dentist dispenses you a pill before your treatment; there is no need for tubes or needles. You will have little memory of the sedation visit and usually won’t even remember dental odors or images. After taking the pill you will drift in a sleep-like state, the actual time you will be asleep depends on your treatment needs. Now, complicated dental procedures requiring multiple appointments can be completed in a single day! All this while you experience a comfortable state of slumber. Our associate is certified, trained in oral sedation.


  • • Mild to moderate pain control/sedation
  • • Not reversible, comfortable ride home


  • • Mild to moderate pain control/sedation, may not be enough
  • • Difficult to control level of sedation achieved for a given patient
  • • Prior arrangements essential for transportation

Best For:

  • • Mildly fearful patients
  • • To pass the time of treatment
  • • Short and easy procedures
  • • When predictable sedation is not essential

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