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Dental Implants

An Atlanta Implant Dentist for 25 years.

Dr. Vanstrom, an Atlanta Implant Dentist,  has been surgically placing dental implants for 10 years.  He has passed a rigorous 400 hour post graduate training program through the Medical College of Georgia’s Dental School, in combination with the American Academy of Implant Dentistry, to learn to surgically place and restore dental implants.

Since graduating dental school in 1988, Dr. Vanstrom has logged hundreds of continuing education hours refining his skills in both restoring and placing dental implants.

By combining the art of both surgical placement and restoring implants, Dr. Vanstrom and his associates are able to save most patients from having to travel extensively between specialists, from doctor’s office to doctor’s office. And, we can greatly control the cost for our patient’s implant procedures as well because we can do it all under one roof.

Implant technology has changed and developed greatly over the past few years. We now utilize CT generated computer software programs such as , and to create amazing precision in both surgical placement and restoration of the dental implants.  Computer generated surgical guides are now the standard of care in our practice.


SIRONA Three Dimensional Dentistry takes Artistic Dentistry of Atlanta to a whole new level of patient care!

Precise, time saving, cost saving dental implant, root canal, crowns, bridges, dentures and dental implant retained fixed teeth treatment that sets us apart.


What does the bone structure look like? How great is the distance to the nerve canal? In all dental disciplines, there are numerous questions that can be answered far more easily using 3D x-rays. The third dimension increases clinical safety for our patients. While allowing for pin point accuracy in dental treatment.

SICAT Function

Real jaw movement in 3D for the first time.

SICAT Function is the first integrated digital 3D solution to visualize real patient-individual movement of the lower jaw within the 3D volume. The anatomic traces of the temporomandibular joint can be displayed for every possible position in the volume.

  • Real Condyle-Fossa relationship during jaw movement
  • Anatomically correct trajectory
  • Specific positioning of the trajectory in the 3D volume – if necessary also in comparison to conventionally used axial points
  • Evaluation of the occlusion based on the integrated optical surface scans
  • Implementation of treatment plan with a SICAT treatment appliance

The Art of Implantation

Integrated implantology solutions – what does this imply?

Sirona Dental Systems has introduced ground-breaking solutions for integrated implant planning and treatment. Solutions that combine the digital impression scanning and design capabilities of CEREC with the diagnostic accuracy of Sirona’s 3D X-ray units.

Diagnostic security meets natural prosthetics

The CEREC data with the prosthetic proposal is transferred and directly integrated into the 3D X-ray data. This permits the best possible positioning and alignment of the implant, abutment and restoration.

The result: Minimally invasive, accurate implantation placement.

From planning to implant. Via surgical guide

Precise implant planning is only so good as its implementation. The solution is a surgical guide with drill-depth limitation, which is precisely calibrated to the chosen implant and position. We order the surgical guide in the central production at SICAT (SICAT CLASSICGUIDE or SICAT OPTIGUIDE) or produce it ourselves in-house with our milling unit, the MC XL (CEREC GUIDE). The implant is placed stress-free at the implant site with optimum alignment and height and fit.

The Mercedes of dental implant restoration is Individual Crowns cemented onto multiple implants. These teeth never come out. They become “real” new teeth. You simply brush and floss them like real teeth. Listen to Joanie’s testimonial video and hear what a change we made in her life.

Single Dental Implant to Teeth in a Day

Whether you are having a single back tooth replaced with an implant, a cosmetically challenging front tooth or all of your teeth replaced with dental implants, we are the one-stop dental implant center for you.

Below are photos of Lillian’s full mouth dental implant Smile Makeover and another Restorative case. Just like Joanie above, Lillian is delighted with her new, lifelike teeth.

“My implant teeth are just like real teeth. I can’t stop smiling.” -Lillian Picardo

Please click onto Lillian’s photo to view how implants look. Notice how real and how beautiful your new dental implant smile could be.

The following is an educational video that describes and illustrates what a dental implant looks like, how the actual implant is placed, and finally how it is restored with a crown.

A reasonably economical and very predictable and esthetically pleasing way to replace a full set of missing upper and lower teeth is with locator attachments. With proper techniques and precision, we can now snap in your loose and ill-fitting dentures and partial dentures.

You will be so pleased to find that once again you can confidently smile, laugh, chew and enjoy all of your favorite foods again.    And, that bulky upper denture can be opened up and thinned on the roof of your mouth so you can enjoy eating and drinking much, much more.

Dentures can be made to fit and feel more like your own permanent teeth with snap on locator attachments.

Please view the following educational video and learn more about implant secured dentures and partial dentures.

Client Reviews

Dr. Peter Vanstrom, his associates and staff at Artistic Dentistry of Atlanta are committed to creating the best dental implant solutions for you. Please read and view our patient testimonials, our photos and our videos about dental implants and see why we are the one stop dental implant office for you.

Patient Testimonial

"I love how natural and real my new dental implants feel."

Ellen Diss

Be sure to be very selective when deciding which dentist you choose to help you replace your missing teeth with implants. This is especially true when your smile teeth are involved in the cosmetic, or esthetic zone (the area that shows up when you smile).

Whether replacing just one smile tooth or an entire upper smile we at Artistic Dentistry consistently deliver beautiful esthetic implant smile results.

With our years of experience, our computer software precision and our on-site cosmetic dental crown lab, we can recreate a beautiful, lifelike smile for you. Just look at our implant photo gallery here to see examples of our beautiful implant supported smiles.

Patient Testimonial

“My new dental implants feel just like my own teeth”

-Craig Brown

New Teeth in One Day

New technology and techniques now allow us to remove all of your bad teeth, immediately surgically place 4 implants in the top arch and 4 implants on the bottom arch and fit new teeth secured to your new implants all in one day. We can explore your current situation and help you decide if this is a good option for you.

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