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Big Case Dentistry

Full Mouth Reconstructive Dentistry

Many patients come to Artistic Dentistry of Atlanta seeking comprehensive dental care that includes rebuilding, redesigning and reconstructing most or all of their worn down, broken or decayed teeth.

At Artistic Dentistry, Dr. Vanstrom, his associates, and his gentle dental staff have combined over 125 years of dental experience in delivering kind, caring and competent dental care. Play this video and see what one of our big case patients has to say about us.

Big Case Dentistry or full mouth reconstructive dentistry includes many dental disciplines. Dr. Vanstrom has 25 years of chairside dental care experience and expertise. The art of Cosmetic Dentistry plays a major role in full mouth rehabilitation. Dr. Vanstrom has spent hundreds of hours in continuing education training programs in order to become the quality cosmetic dentist that he is today. He trained at the Louisiana State University School of Dentistry in their post graduate cosmetic continuum in order to develop esthetic dental skills beyond what he learned at Emory Dental School.

Through his membership with the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry he maintains his skills with continuing education and study club courses. Dr. Vanstrom was mentioned by many of the early adaptors in cosmetics like Dr. Ronald Goldstein, Dr. Jimmy Eubanks and Dr. Buddy Mopper to name a few.

Dr. V works hard to live up to the expectations of these wonderful teachers and mentors. Please visit our Cosmetic Dental section to learn more about our esthetic dentistry services and expertise.

“Thank you Dr. Vanstrom for all of my new teeth. I am so happy with all that you did to rebuild my back teeth, and I love my beautiful new smile.”

-Kathi Russell

We create your gorgeous new smile and natural looking new back teeth ceramic crowns right in our own office. We utilize the talents of our own on-site master ceramist, Ron Allen, and his talented team at Artisan Dental Crown and Bridge Lab.

CEREC Chairside Solutions. One visit dentistry.



CEREC is the unique CAD/CAM system for patient individual all-ceramic restorations in one single appointment. Together with CEREC we come quickly and safely to the desired results for our patients: aesthetic restorations. A further important objective is also achieved, the creation of value:

All in one appointment: We eliminate the need for a second visit. That means no second shots for numbing!

To meet the individual needs of every single patient we have expanded our product range to include an intra-oral camera to record a virtual dental impression of your teeth. And we have an in-office, three-dimensional milling unit that creates your crown, inlay or onlay while you relax.

No more goopy, bad tasting dental impressions that make you gag. It’ all new three dimensional dentistry!

CEREC Camera

While you relax we utilize the most advanced software to virtually create your new CROWN, INLAY or ONLAY. In less than the time it takes to clear your emails!




We mill your crown in the office, finish, glaze and cement your inlay, onlay or crown. You don’t have to make a second trip, have a second shot, or wear a temporary crown.




We look forward to showing you how wonderful 3-Dimensional, instant dental care can be!




Crowns and Bridges US-Made

It is important to note that 65% of dental crowns are now sent overseas to places such as China and Puerto Rico to be made. Our single crowns, veneers, bridges, inlays, onlays and bridges and implant crowns are all hand crafted onsite (made in America, made in Atlanta). We have found that we have no control over the quality and metal composition of crowns farmed out to China. At Artistic Dentistry of Atlanta, quality is all that matters—we guarantee our work so we had better work with the finest crown and bridge and denture labs in the U.S.

Dentures can also be a part of full mouth reconstruction. At Artistic Dentistry of Atlanta we work with the highest quality denture and partial denture lab. We are fortunate to be only a few miles down the road from the renowned Georgia Dental Laboratory where we work closely with the talented Gary Killgo and Ernest Caragol. All of our removable cases are hand crafted right here in Atlanta. Many times, Ernest works chairside with us to ensure the perfect smile and fit for you.

Dental implants now play an important role in denture and partial denture fit, form and function. To learn more about dental implants for dentures, please visit our Dental Implant section.  The following educational video discusses how implants help support dentures so that you can confidently smile and eat and enjoy all the foods you like.

Big Case, Fixed Crown and Bridge Reconstruction also includes Implant Dentistry. Dr. Vanstrom completed over 400 hours of intensified training through the American Academy of Implant Dentistry and the then Medical College of Georgia in surgical and restorative dental implant care. Since completing the post graduate course, Dr. Vanstrom has spent years and countless hours elevating his skill level so that he can combine the art and science of both surgical and restorative dental implant care for his patients, saving them both time and money. Please visit our implant section for more information.

Client Reviews

Big Case Dentistry

Of course, Big Case Dentistry is not only about ceramic crowns and veneers. It also includes a competency in a vast array of other dental disciplines. Dr. Vanstrom, his associates and his gentle staff pride themselves in being able to offer our patients one stop shop comprehensive dental care. We have spent hours in postgraduate continuing education constantly updating our knowledge and skills in the treatment of periodontal (gum care) issues such as connective tissue grafting and laser gum care. Please visit our gum care section for more information and education on gum care at our office.

We offer emergency and scheduled state of the art gentle root canal therapy. Dr. Vanstrom utilizes microscope like magnification along with the ultra-modern, time saving Brassier Sequence NiTi technique for quick, efficient, quality, pain free root canal care.

Patient Testimonial

"My root canal was painless. Thanks, Dr. V, for saving my tooth."

-Ed Parrow

Big Case Dentistry or full mouth reconstruction includes management of the Temporal Mandibular Joint, the chewing muscles and occlusion (how the teeth fit together). All three components make up the neuromuscular triangle. They need to be in constant harmony, balanced both in form and function.

You may require splint, or bite balancing, therapy both during and after your dental work. Dr. Vanstrom was trained at the world-renowned L.D. Pankey Institute of higher dental learning on how to care for and manage temporal mandibular and neuromuscular dysfunctions.

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