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How Long Will This Dental Work Last, Doc?


Indeed, how long should a filling or a crown last? How often do you really need to have your teeth cleaned? How long does an implant stay in place? Will these Veneers last the rest of my life? How long can I count on keeping my teeth?

Well the answer is amazingly individualized. To answer the longevity of dental work question let me ask a few questions of you, the patient.

Do you eat mostly soft food? Do you chew a lot of sugar gum, suckers or candy? Do you chew ice? Do you eat sticky foods? Do you floss or use Curaprox interdental brushes everyday? Do you brush with the softest brushes correctly?

Do you eat meats and vegetables and find that remnants get between your teeth? How do you clean that out? Do you wear a bite guard to protect your teeth at night? Do you fight the bacteria that cause gum disease better or worse than the average bear? Do you fight the bugs that cause cavities better than most people, or worse?

Do you bite hard food items a lot in your diet? Do you have recession exposing soft root surfaces that are more susceptible to cavities? Do you have bleeding gums when you brush and/or clean between your teeth? Do you clench and/or grind your teeth during stressful times? At night?

Do you snore a lot at night? Do you have sleep apnea? Is your bite in balance? Do you drink a lot of power drinks high in carbs and sugars? Do you drink lots of iced tea? Do you add lemon and/or sugar? Do you drink a lot of diet cokes high in acids?

Are you a diabetic? Do you have heart disease, or high blood pressure? Do you have high cholesterol? Do you have dexterity problems? Do you suffer from bouts of anxiety or depression?

Are you an individual? That final question is the answer. Everyone in God’s great world is unique. Your dentist cannot answer or anticipate the answers to all of these questions and more. We can only provide the best dental care and best dental solution available today and hope that you take great care of that investment. And, even then, you are chewing, drinking, neglecting and using your teeth everyday over and over.

Nothing lasts forever. We can only provide the best individualized dental solutions to help you make it to the finish line as best we can. It is called dental maintenance for a reason. We want to help you well into your retirement years enjoy food, fun and festivities with a healthy mouth. We look forward to the journey.

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