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What Dental Insurance Do We Take?

Do We Have Dental Financing?

Whether you have Aetna, Blue Cross BlueSield, Cigna, Delta Dental, Metlife, United Concordia, United Healthcare or almost any other dental insurance, we accept it.

Also, whether you are on a PPO dental insurance plan where you might choose your doctor from a list, or a traditional dental insurance plan, or have no insurance at all, we serve your needs at very affordable rates.

Last year our patients averaged the same out of pocket expenses for a routine cleaning as those who chose to go to a PPO dentist on a list. And, we offered 10%, 15% and better discounts for uninsured patients. We work hard to keep our hygiene fees in line so that we can offer our high quality, gentle dental care to as many patients as possible.

Facts About Dental Insurance

Your insurance dental plan is designed to share in your dental care costs. It may not cover the total cost of treatment due to certain allowances, annual maximums, or limitations. We find that most plans cover between 30 percent and 70 percent of dental services. Dental insurance is meant to offset some costs but typically does not pay for all treatment. Ultimately, the patient is responsible for fees on services rendered. Please contact your benefits director or insurance company with any questions.

Dr. Vanstrom is not on any PPO or managed care lists. By remaining independent of these programs, Dr. Vanstrom has created an opportunity to treat all dental patients. He has not limited himself to one group of patients. Dr. Vanstrom works hard to keep his fees well within most managed care and PPO fees. While doing so, he is able to provide the highest quality care for all patients, both insured and uninsured (see below).

Our office is in compliance with HIPAA and OSHA policies. Any questions regarding this information should be directed to our office.


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Plan that Covers Patients Without Insurance

Dr. Peter V. Vanstrom,  has developed an in-office dental plan for area residents in need of oral and dental care but who lack dental insurance, a program he says was spurred by the debate on national healthcare.

Christine“During the national discussion on healthcare insurance those in need of dental and oral care have been overlooked by everyone involved,” says Vanstrom. “Dental care is an essential component of health care because so much of what happens in the mouth can affect other parts of the body. Links between untreated oral diseases can exacerbate conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, and stroke not to mention oral cancer. Those looking for relief in the national health care bill will be disappointed as dental is not included.”  

Citing numbers from the National Center for Health Statistics, Vanstrom said that more than 85 million people – about 33 percent of the population – are estimated to lack dental coverage. And, he says it gets worse as people age, since Medicare does not cover any oral health insurance and almost 70 percent of Americans over age 65 do not have any dental coverage.

According to Vanstrom even people who are employed who have health insurance may not have dental or oral coverage. “A 2008 survey by the Kaiser Family Foundation found that just 44 percent of employers who offer health care benefits also offer dental coverage,” he says. “The small businesses are the least likely to provide dental coverage for their employees because they can least afford it.”

Vanstrom’s plan addresses a partial solution for these people by providing them preventative and restorative care at prices approximating those of a quality dental insurance program.  It isn’t a discount dental plan or supplemental dental program and it is not tied to other dentists. It is a program unique to his practice and Vanstrom says its success will depend heavily upon referrals by patients taking advantage of the plan.

“You don’t need to join a club, get a membership card or pay premiums,” he says. “This is a plan designed not only for those who need proper dental care but one that fills a need in these uncertain economic times.”

Here’s how it works.

Uninsured dental patients receive a 10% – 15% professional discount on all dental services provided at Artistic Dentistry of Atlanta.  

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