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How Do We Create a Dental Spa Feel?

We Keep the Patient in Mind

Patients appreciate the added convenience of Dr. V’s one stop shop approach, especially since they often admit that they actually look forward to their dental visits here. But who wouldn’t? People come from all over seeking the extensive dental expertise and exceptional patient care that Dr. Vanstrom has become known for.

The seasoned staff is a group of affable, skilled professionals with an upbeat family dynamic that extends to their patients. “We have fun, laughing and bantering all day long,” Vanstrom notes. “We enjoy our work, and getting to know our patients is a pleasure we look forward to. The first time a patient visits our office we will do a thorough evaluation and then I will sit down with them for an extended discussion of their needs and concerns and any areas that they would like to improve upon.”

Technological Superiority

Creature comforts abound here, from the warm towels following treatment to the tricked-out patient stations. Each station is equipped with a flat-screen TV offering hundreds of viewing options, Bose noiseless headphones for the TV or your iPod, and optional Sony video 3D virtual reality movie glasses to entertain patients while they undergo treatment.

Vanstrom, who reviews the latest dental technology for CNN, likes having the latest gadgets but he notes that the technology he recommends and embraces must ultimately enhance the patient experience. That’s the determining factor for me. I ask myself how is this going to improve my patients’ dental experience, will it save them time, make a procedure less painful, offer better final results?

Technological Advantages

Patients who value their time will appreciate the expediency provided by CEREC (Chair-side Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics) technology, which Dr. Vanstrom considers one of the most wonderful advancements in dentistry. “I can quickly restore damaged teeth and broken smiles with high-quality, tooth-colored crowns, precise-fitting fillings and onlays in a single one-to-two hour office visit.”

Another new tool that is becoming the standard in most upscale dental practices is a digital imaging system (Schick Technology) that utilizes an electronic sensor instead of X-ray film. “This technology offers two distinct advantages. It’s great for educating patients–we can show them a clear magnified image of their teeth right on a computer screen so that they can see what we are seeing. And we reduce the health risk posed by X-ray exposure by 90 percent.”

Dr. Vanstrom is also a fan of the ViziLite Plus, an oral cancer screening tool, is another new technological device that offers tremendous health benefits. “This technology saves lives. Oral cancer is one of the most curable diseases if caught early and with this tool we can identify soft tissue abnormalities in the mouth at the earliest stage.”

Innovative Techniques

Other innovations that Dr. Vanstrom uses don’t involve new technology, but rather new techniques or products such as Zoom! whitening, Invisalign braces and gentler numbing methods. And did you know that you don’t have to suffer the inconvenience of continued numbness for hours after the completion of your dental treatment? Dr. Vanstrom routinely uses a new anesthesia reversal drug that significantly accelerates the return of normal sensation to the gums and lips “Our commitment to our patients’ comfort begins when they walk in our door but continues even after they leave–they will be drinking, smiling and talking much quicker thanks to our use of anesthesia reversal medications.”

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