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Teeth Whitening

Where do you get the best professional whitening in Atlanta? How do you receive the best teeth whitening possible? Where can you find painless teeth whitening?  The answer is: Right here at Artistic Dentistry of Atlanta.

Before & After - Teeth Whitening - Teeth Bleaching

Tooth whitening or tooth bleaching can be very painful and often deliver results that disappoint. Dental whitening when done properly after our patient evaluation can work for you. Our initial consultation with you about your professional teeth whitening will help us decide your risk for discomfort and anticipated results. From there, we can choose the best, least painful approach to your professional teeth bleaching.

One Hour Teeth Whitening (In office teeth whitening) saves you time, trips to the dentist, and at our office, money! We offer affordable teeth whitening for both new patients and existing patients. See our coupon offers above. Not only do new patients receive in office, one hour whitening but they also receive a comprehensive oral exam, including an oral cancer exam, a healthy gum cleaning, a panorex full study x-ray (over a $700 value for only $189).

Zoom Whitening, Bright Smile, Opalescence Office Whitening and Laser Whitening are all terms synonymous with one hour whitening.  At Artistic Dentistry of Atlanta we are constantly upgrading our teeth bleaching technology to offer gentle teeth bleaching, as painfree as possible with optimal whitening and brightening of your smile.

Professional At Home Teeth Whitening

Professional strength Home Teeth Whitening is stronger and more effective than over the counter like Crest White Strips teeth bleaching agents. Dental dispensed tooth whiteners range in strength from 10% carbamide peroxide to 32% hydrogen peroxide. Home whitening, or at home teeth bleaching, without proper in office dental analysis of your individual case will probably not yield the results that you are looking for.

Crest White Strips

Over the counter whiteners not dispensed by the dentist are weaker and less effective. They also do not whiten as many teeth. We routinely suggest these for teenagers, as younger teeth usually have less stain and results can be satisfying with little risk of sensitivity

Cost of Teeth Whitening

At Artistic Dentistry of Atlanta our cost of teeth bleaching is very affordable. We want all of our patients to have a happy, healthy white bright smile. See our coupon offers above.

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